Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gov. Sebelius Vetoes Abortion Legislation

Kansas City Star editorial: The (mis)labeling of Kathleen Sebelius, by Barb Shelly:

Kathleen Sebelius 2 This year's anti-abortion bill sent to her by the GOP-dominated Legislature had the same problems as a similar measure that Sebelius vetoed last year.

The only thing different was the red-hot spotlight on Sebelius as she awaits U.S. Senate confirmation as health and human services secretary. With the heat on and anti-abortion groups calling for her head, she did the right thing and vetoed this year's flawed bill.

The proposed legislation presented a clear threat to women's privacy by enabling family members to sue if they believed an abortion provider had violated the law. How could you prove a claim like that without airing the women's situation and medical details in legal documents and possibly open court?

See also: NYT/AP: Kansas: Governor Vetoes Abortion Bill

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