Thursday, March 26, 2009

Support Funding For International Family Planning

Via EngenderHealth:

EngenderHealth has released a short animated video that poses the provocative question, "If you had $1 billion to change the world, what would you spend it on: easing world hunger, reducing global instability, or preserving natural resources?"

Their answer is that you don't have to choose: Spend $1 billion on family planning and we can make a difference in all of these areas. The cost? Less than 1/20th of 1% of the proposed federal budget (.03%) -- less than a penny per day per american. EngenderHealth has set up a site ( where you can tell Obama that international family planning is a priority for you and it should be one for him, too.

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Wow! I like the message. Over population is the foremost problem facing the world. There is virtually no environmental problem that would not be helped by reducing the human population. On the other hand, no matter how perfectly we effect environmental controls, if population continues to increase, our children will suffer greatly.

Famine, pestilence and war will eventually control the over population problem. Isn't it more humane to encourage birth control now. Can we really afford to compromise with those whose absurd ignorance and intransigence on birth control is going to ruin our children's future?

While we should tolerate those who do not want to personally use birth control. We should not tolerate those who would deny others the right to use birth control.

Posted by: Jan C. Goss | Jun 8, 2009 6:55:42 PM

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