Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Study Explores Reproductive Health Care Preferences and Perceptions Among Different Racial & Ethnic Groups

Guttmacher Institute: Reproductive Health Service Preferences and Perceptions of Quality Among Low-Income Women: Racial, Ethnic and Language Group Differences, by Davida Becker & Amy O. Tsui:

Women Although racial and ethnic disparities in reproductive health outcomes are well documented, there is limited research assessing how patients' racial and ethnic backgrounds influence their perceptions of and experiences with reproductive health care. In fact, a review of published literature revealed only one previous study on the topic, with the exception of studies related to prenatal care. Patients' perceptions are important because their views can affect their satisfaction with care, adherence to therapies, likelihood of returning and health outcomes, according to the authors...

The findings suggest that "ensuring access to a female clinician at reproductive health visits and ensuring clinician continuity across visits are important," particularly for Latinas. The finding that English-speaking Latinas and black women preferred receiving reproductive health services where general health care services also are available is "noteworthy" because it "conflicts with how women's health care is currently organized," the researchers write. They continue that the fragmentation of reproductive services and non-reproductive services "may not be ideal in many women's minds." In addition, improving client-clinician communication through interventions, such as translators, should be a "[h]igh priority." The researchers conclude that research to investigate racial, ethnic and language group differences in service delivery preferences and service quality perceptions should continue, adding that "because differences in reproductive health care experiences may underlie disparities in reproductive health outcomes, future research should try to better understand the link between service quality and reproductive health outcomes."


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