Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Urges Continued Lobbying for Outlawing Abortion

NY Times: U.S. Bishops Urged to Challenge Obama, by Laurie Goodstein:

BALTIMORE — The president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops told his fellow prelates Monday that while they should “rejoice” at the election of an African-American president, they should confront him over his support for abortion rights....

Cardinal George’s remarks were a repudiation of the “common good” approach to the abortion issue that President-elect Barack Obama and Democratic Party leaders, including some prominent Roman Catholics, honed in the recent election.

Advocates of the “common good” approach say that, rather than outlawing abortion — which has polarized the American electorate for decades — they will try to reduce abortions by strengthening the social and economic safety net to enable more women to bring their pregnancies to term.

See also: Chicago Tribune: Catholic bishops plan to forcefully confront Obama, by Manya Brachear.


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