Monday, August 18, 2008

Study Shows Abortion Does Not Increase Risk of Mental Health Problems

Yet again, the allegation that abortions cause women mental trauma has been discredited.  But that's not going to stop anti-choice advocates from pressing the claim, nor from trying to make women feel so guilty about abortion that the mental trauma assertion becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Abortion does not increase risk of mental health problems, says study, by Rebecca Smith:

Research_2 Women who have an abortion are not at greater risk of mental health problems, scientists have concluded.

The finding is a blow to anti-abortionists who want to restrict access to terminations or lower the age limit at which it can normally be performed.

One of the key arguments against abortion is that the mental health of the women suffers later in life.

But the American Psychological Association found 'no credible evidence' that an abortion of an unwanted pregnancy causes mental health problems.

The organisation said research on the subject had failed to differentiate between abortions of wanted and unwanted pregnancies or did not account for other factors such as violence and poverty which make both unwanted pregnancies and mental health problems more likely.

See also MedPageToday: Abortion Not a Risk Factor for Mental Health Problems, by Peggy Peck.

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