Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anti-Abortion Group Challenges FEC Regs

Via PaperTrail (The Center for Public Integrity):

A new anti-abortion group has its sights set beyond just running ads and launching viral Internet attacks on Barack Obama. The group wants to overturn the federal election law that could rein in not only its own activities but those of any so-called issue advocacy groups.

Behind the effort is one James Bopp, a Terre Haute, Indiana, lawyer who’s spearheaded a string of challenges to state and federal campaign finance laws as well as efforts to reverse Roe v. Wade. On July 30, Bopp filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission on behalf of a new group, The Real Truth About Obama, which had filed papers with the IRS just a day earlier, registering as a nonprofit political advocacy group....

Bopp supported Mitt Romney in the Republican primary and, ironically, has vigorously litigated for years to overturn the campaign finance law authored by the candidate who bested Romney in the primaries, John McCain. Bopp now says he is a McCain supporter.

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