Saturday, July 12, 2008

OK! Mag. Discusses Whether Its Cover Story on Jamie Lynn Spears Glamorizes Teen Pregnancy

Newsweek: TEEN PREGNANCY: Baby 101, by Sarah Kliff:

When OK! Magazine announced 16-year-old Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy in December 2007, it was the best-selling issue since the magazine's American debut in 2005. "We knew it was a very big story, but it took us a little bit by surprise just how big the story became," says Rob Shuter, OK!'s executive editor. "The nightly news was talking about it."      

But the story wasn't exactly a publicist's dream. Jamie Lynn was after all, barely old enough to get her driver's license, and she was a tween icon thanks to her sitcom, "Zoey 101." Jamie Lynn, had in October of 2007 told NEWSWEEK, that she didn't have a boyfriend. Ooops! More than a few adolescent health experts cringed at the headlines. "The media doesn't show the downside to teenagers getting pregnant," says Warren Seigel, a pediatrician who founded the Adolescent Medicine Program at Coney Island Hospital.

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I am apalled with this latest Hollywoood crap! How dare these entertainment magazines glamorize this teen pregnancy. IT IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!! This teen pregnancy is not something to celebrate; it is a huge mistake by two teenagers with no sense and in the real world of everyday teens with little to no resources to help them raise a child (being a child herself) this would not be a "celebrated event" in any average american household as it would be the grandparents having to help the teen raise this child, not Nanny's as clearly this teeage slut can afford. I am on a mission to spread the disgust of glamorizing this teenage mother to a tramp status so our daughters will know that life is hard and you need to prepare yourself for all the "grow up" things we encounter. OK magazine and People magazine should be ashamed of themselves; I wonder if their own teenage child comes home announcing they are pregnant if they would still be OK with the issue.

Posted by: LiLi | Jul 14, 2008 7:56:25 PM

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