Monday, May 12, 2008

Pope Denounces Italy's Abortion Law

Pope San Diego Tribune: Pope speaks out against Italy abortion law,  by Silvia Aloisi:

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict said on Monday that 30 years of legalised abortion had devalued human life in Italy, but the centre-left opposition said legislation had reduced the number of terminated pregnancies.

The pontiff's comments added to an emotional debate in Italy over abortion, which was a prominent issue in campaigning for last month's election, 30 years after it was legalised despite opposition from the Vatican.

'Allowing the termination of pregnancies not only did not resolve the problems afflicting many women and more than a few families, but has also opened more wounds in our societies,' the pope told a delegation from Italy's Pro-Life Movement....

However, Berlusconi's Equal Opportunities Minister, Mara Carfagna, said that the real problem was not the legislation allowing abortion, but the need for more family-friendly policies and incentives that would help women decide against it.

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