Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MI House Approves State Version of Federal Abortion Ban

Mich_flag Chicago Tribune/AP: Mich. House votes to ban partial birth abortions, by Tim Martin:

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan lawmakers moved closer to a state-level ban of what opponents call partial birth abortion on Tuesday.

The Democratic-led House passed the ban by a 74-32 vote late Tuesday. The Republican-controlled Senate has approved similar legislation. But Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm doesn't support the bill and might veto it because it doesn't include an exception for the health of the mother, setting the scene for a possible override showdown.

The federal ban was upheld by the Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart last year.  (You can find all this blog's posts on Gonzales v. Carhart and its aftermath here.)

If this story makes you frown, maybe this headline (on the same story) will bring a smile (even if it doesn't quite cause you to split your sides): Sides split on expected veto for partial-birth abortion.

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