Friday, March 21, 2008

Study Shows Effectiveness of Comprehensive Sex Ed

Seattle Times: UW researchers say comprehensive sex ed cuts teen pregnancies, by Kyung M. Song:

Students who receive comprehensive sex education are half as likely to become teen parents as those who get none or abstinence-only sex education, according to researchers at the University of Washington.

What's more, teens who had comprehensive education, which typically discusses condoms and birth-control methods as well as abstinence, were no more likely to engage in intercourse than peers who were taught just to say no to sex before marriage, researchers said.

The study is the first time researchers have taken a national sampling of teenagers to compare the effectiveness of the two approaches to sex education. And it echoes other studies that have previously suggested that the federal government's decadelong promotion of an abstinence-only curriculum isn't deterring young people from having sex.

Here's more on the study from Science Daily.  The study is published at: Journal of Adolescent Health 42 (2008) 344–351.

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