Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweden: Man Sentenced for Spiking Girlfriend's Yogurt with Abortion Pills

AP: Man gets 18 months in jail for putting abortion pills in girlfriend's food:

A Swedish court of appeal on Tuesday sentenced a 27-year-old man to 18 months in prison for trying to make his girlfriend miscarry by mixing abortion pills in her food.

The man, who was not named for legal reasons, had his jail term increased from a previous one-year sentence set by a district court in June.

In its ruling, the Court of Appeal for Western Sweden found the man guilty of aggravated assault for attempting to make his girlfriend of eight years miscarry by giving her a yoghurt containing three ground-up pills. The sentence also included a more minor count of assault.

For more on this frightening trend of men surreptitiously inducing abortions by putting abortion medications in their partners' food or drink, see this post.


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