Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anti-Abortion Groups Rally Around McCain

Funny how McCain seems to attract the admiration of both pro-choice and anti-choice groups.  Let's just hope that in the general election his true (anti-choice) record is made crystal clear. 

Washington Times: Pro-Life Groups Choose McCain, by Stephen Dinan:

Pro-lifers are the first part of the conservative base to rally around Sen. John McCain, overcoming past fights to embrace him as strong on their core issue and a clear choice over the two Democrats he could face.

"He is pro-life in his heart of hearts, in my opinion," said Rep. Christopher H. Smith, New Jersey Republican and a pro-life movement leader, who said Mr. McCain's commitment stretches back across decades of votes in the House and Senate.

Though the Arizona senator and all-but-certain Republican presidential nominee doesn't detail his voting record on the campaign trail, an examination reveals a striking opposition to abortion in most of the major fights such as partial-birth abortion down to the smallest of skirmishes, even when he was in a distinct minority.

Those votes include joining just 20 other senators in voting to delete family-planning grants from a spending bill in 1988 and joining 18 others in voting against spending Medicaid funds on abortions in cases of rape and incest. In the 1990s, he voted against the bill creating federal penalties for blocking access to abortion clinics and voted against allowing federal-government health insurance plans to cover abortions.

See also: McCain on Abortion (regarding Republicans for Choice's apparent support for McCain); NPR on McCain's Abortion Stance.

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