Tuesday, February 26, 2008

David Garrow Reviews Dr. Susan Wicklund's "This Common Secret"

David Garrow  reviews Susan Wicklund's book, "This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor," in today's Christian Science Monitor:

Abortion is the subject of many books, but it's highly unusual when a volume that looks like yet another partisan salvo actually contradicts the expected "party line" in important and revealing ways.

Such is the case in Susan Wicklund's  This Common Secret. Wicklund enlisted as a front-line soldier in America's abortion wars in 1989, when the conflict was most intense. Extreme right-to-life groups like Operation Rescue physically besieged abortion clinics, and many abortion providers feared for their personal safety.

See also these reviews: Wash. Post, Head vs. Heart in the Abortion Debate , by Emily Bazelon; NY Times, Telling the Stories Behind the Abortions, by Cornelia Dean.


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