Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Princeton subsidizing students' birth control pills

Via Newsday/AP:

Princeton University has started subsidizing the cost of birth control pills for its students amid the skyrocketing cost of the drugs on college campuses.

Since Saturday, students going to the university's health center have been able to get a one month's supply of generic birth control pills for $6, versus the $15 they were paying since March, according to Princeton spokeswoman Cass Cliatt.

To cover the difference, Princeton is dipping into a private discretionary fund. Early estimates, according to Cliatt, place the cost of the subsidies at about $69,000 a year....

Prices for oral contraceptives, or birth control pills, doubled and tripled at some student health centers across the country as a result of a complex change in a Medicaid rebate law that essentially ended an incentive for drug companies to provide deep discounts to colleges.

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