Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oakland Poised to Create Buffer Zones Outside Abortion Clinics


OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)  -- Oakland may be the next city in the Bay Area to pass a law creating a buffer zone around abortion clinics to keep aggressive protestors from intimidating women.

The ordinance would require “sidewalk counselors” to keep at least eight feet away from women entering abortion clinics.

"Right now we do have some very aggressive protestors in Oakland,” said Amy Moy with Planned Parenthood Golden Gate. “Their tactics include stalking people from their cars all the way to the front entrance. They also try to force misleading and false information into our patients' hands from a very close proximity, so this buffer ordinance will help eliminate or reduce some of those tactics that our patients find extremely intimidating."

Protestors argue that counselors inside the clinics don’t inform women of alternatives to abortion.

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