Monday, October 29, 2007

UK: Experts who testified to MPs failed to reveal abortion links

The Guardian (UK) reports:

Six UK medical experts who submitted scientific evidence to an influential inquiry by MPs into the UK's abortion laws did not reveal links to anti-abortion groups.

Their interests were revealed to the committee of MPs after individuals and organisations submitting evidence were asked to reveal membership of campaigning organisations relevant to the inquiry.

"I think it's probably fair to say that there may have been some attempt to skew the evidence," said Des Turner MP, who is a member of the parliamentary science and technology committee. "I think committee members will be able to see through what's going on."

When asked formally for their affiliations, five individuals submitted responses revealing they are members of the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF), a group with an anti-abortion stance. One other, who did not declare membership of the group, is named as a member on its website. The committee has finished hearing evidence in its inquiry into scientific developments relating to abortion and is compiling its final report.

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