Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nigeria: Unsafe Abortion - Need to Find Lasting Solution

Via allAfrica.com:

Imagine a gang of armed robbers held you at gunpoint while your wife or daughter is being gang-raped in your home. About a month later, the rape victim tells you she is pregnant.

You are thus confronted with several difficult questions. What would you do? Keep the pregnancy? Abort it? Have the baby and keep it or give it up for adoption?


This scenario played out recently at a media workshop on female reproductive health and rights. Abortion has become a highly contentious issue in Nigeria. The pro-life and pro-choice have their strong points.

But the fact remains that abortion is subsumed under the wider subject of female reproductive health and rights. The pro-choice have called for a review of Nigeria's abortion law. They say that the law does not allow women to decide what to do with a pregnancy. On the other hand, the pro-life group wants the law to remain. They reason that abortion is ungodly, immoral and culturally and traditionally unacceptable.


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