Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ghana: Positive developments in abortion care: Can high death rates from unsafe abortion be reduced?

Lauren Taylor for The Statesman (Ghana):

New faculties for Comprehensive Abortion Care and family planning will be built at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and the University of Legon starting in October this year, the Head of department for Gynecology and Obstetrics at Korle-Bu revealed yesterday.

In an interview with The Statesman Professor E Y Kwawukume said that two buildings will be constructed at the Teaching Hospital specifically for training centres in comprehensive abortion care and family planning.

At present Comprehensive Abortion Care is not including in medical school curriculums but a US based organisation, Buffatt, is working with the Teaching Hospital to make the plans possible.

Prof Kwawukume explained that the facilities will allow teaching of medical students, nurses and doctors on CAC, including practical training in abortion procedures and counseling, building on the elements already included in the syllabus such as post abortion care and family planning.

"This development is good for Ghana and good for the world", he said, "Other countries have adequate abortion care, why can't we give the best to our own people here?" He added that family planning facilities are not currently good enough and because the Korle-Bu authorities are not willing to help, Buffatt has stepped in to facilitate in bringing Comprehensive Abortion Care to Ghana.


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