Saturday, September 29, 2007

New male birth control may be 100% reversible

Via CanWest News Service/Vancouver Sun:

VANCOUVER - A U.S.-based clinical trial has found a new male contraceptive procedure works as well as a vasectomy, says the Vancouver physician who designed the device.

Data collected over six months demonstrated the new procedure was as effective as a vasectomy at eliminating sperm, said Dr. Neil Pollock, who has spent eight years developing the product for eventual commercial sale.

The new procedure implants two silicone plugs, called the Intra Vas Device (IVD), into the scrotum. The plugs block sperm from travelling through the vas deferens tubes, but still allow men to ejaculate.

See also this article from ScienceDaily: Contraception: Progress Brings Hope For New Methods For Men.

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