Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Florida Teachers Required to Discuss Effectiveness of Contraceptives

Via Florida Today:

For the first time, Brevard Public Schools teachers are required to deliver 12 standardized sex education lessons to high school students that include information on the effectiveness of contraceptives.

The sex education training for 40 health and physical education teachers was part of a district-wide professional development day, which included sessions for all 5,000 teachers in their subject areas, from math and science to reading. The district's nearly 75,000 students had the day off.

Before this year, the district's abstinence-based curriculum only gave students contraceptive information in the context of a "failed approach" and did not include discussion about condoms and birth control "except through student-initiated questions."

But last month, the school board approved a new guideto the curriculum that covers contraceptives, including a chart that details the effectiveness and failure rates of condoms and other preventative methods. The board also banned outside groups, including the county health department, from teaching sex ed.

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