Friday, September 21, 2007

Brownback Introduces Ultrasound Requirement Bill

Via TPM Election Central:

Presidential hopeful Sam Brownback introduced the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act, which would require doctors to perform an ultrasound on women seeking abortions.

According to Brownback in his office's press release ,

"It is necessary and right to provide a woman seeking an abortion with all the available information so that she may make the most informed decision possible.  The Ultrasound Informed Consent Act would ensure that women have access to important information.  I am hopeful that this bill will inform women and will cause a deeper reflection on the humanity of unborn children. It is important to promote a culture that values life in all stages."

Brownback claims that the legislation burdens the doctor, not the woman, because the woman may refuse to view the ultrasound images after they are made available to her.

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