Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wash. Post: Planned Parenthood Clinic Is Cleared in Kansas Probe

Peter Slevin reports in today's Washington Post:

Ending a three-year investigation launched by his socially conservative predecessor, Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison (D) notified a Planned Parenthood clinic this week that no criminal charges will be filed. He said "an objective, unbiased and thorough examination" showed no wrongdoing.

Phill Kline, a strongly antiabortion Republican defeated by Morrison in November, started the criminal inquiry against two Kansas abortion clinics on grounds that doctors may have conducted illegal late-term abortions and failed to report cases involving underage girls who, by statute, could have been considered victims of rape.

Backed by a judicial subpoena, Kline obtained the medical records of dozens of women over the privacy objections of the clinics, whose directors said it was nothing more than a fishing expedition. Morrison, who informed Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri on Tuesday, said  he will ask a judge to return the medical records.

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