Monday, April 30, 2007

Kansas Bill on Fetal Homicide Heads to Governor

Via the Joplin Globe/AP:

Prosecutors could charge someone with murder, manslaughter or battery for intentionally harming a fetus under a bill that won House approval Wednesday and went to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius....

The House vote was 97-27 and came three weeks after the Senate approved the measure. Sebelius is a strong abortion rights supporter but hasnt declared whether shell sign or veto the bill....

The bill says the definition of person for nine crimes includes an unborn child at any stage of development in the womb. Those crimes are capital, first-degree and second-degree murder; vehicular homicide; voluntary and involuntary manslaughter; battery and aggravated battery; and manslaughter while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For why "harm to pregnant women" laws are better than laws that define a fetus as a separate crime victim, see this post: Texas Court Affirms Life Sentence for Feticide.

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