Monday, April 16, 2007

Respect Women's Rights: Don't Let Them Choose Abortion!

Last week the Eighth Circuit heard oral arguments in a challenge to a South Dakota law that requires doctors to tell women that an abortion "terminate[s] the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being."  See related post: Oral Arguments Take Place Today in 8th Circuit's En Banc Review of South Dakota Abortion Law.

The oral arguments in Planned Parenthood v. Rounds show the extremes to which some in the anti-choice movement take the tactic of casting opposition to abortion rights as pro-woman:

"Every week, women are losing their rights in South Dakota, every week that this injunction is in place," Harold Cassidy, an attorney for two pregnancy centers that support the law, said. "We're in the business of sorting out rights," [Chief Judge] Loken said, adding, "What rights?" Cassidy said, "The rights to a relationship with their children."

(Read the full story in the Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report.) Then again, Harold Cassidy has been at this for a while.  Read more in Consenting Adults, by Sarah Blustain, in the American Prospect.  See also this post: NJ Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Abortion Med Mal Case That Raises Forced Speech Issue (discussing a case in which Harold Cassidy has argued that a doctor committed malpractice by failing to tell an abortion patient that "the embryo is a "human being" and that the procedure could end the life of an "existing family member").

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