Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Workshop on Reproductive Medicine and Law

Aals_logo_13 The AALS and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine are holding a joint Workshop on Reproductive Medicine and Law in Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 20-22, 2007.  Here is the conference description:Asrmlogo_80

After more than two decades, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) coupled with increasingly sophisticated prenatal diagnostic techniques still raise a host of vexing questions for families, scholars, and legal and medical practitioners. Who gets access to these technologies, and why? Money is important as well as all sorts of judgments about who is “fit” to parent, whether on the basis of age, race, marital status or sexual orientation. Scholars from a variety of cross cultural, feminist, religious, and race perspectives have explored the social implications of the increasing array of choices. Questions increasingly arise about the role of state and professional regulation of these practices, and different countries have taken dramatically different approaches. The implications of ART and its use and control are far broader, shedding important light on views of the families, the practice of medicine, and the roles of different perspectives and beliefs in our society and our world. All these issues will be discussed during the workshop. 


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