Saturday, February 6, 2021

Colloquium: Defund to Abolish


While the killing of George Floyd inspired worldwide protests against police brutality, it has also inspired discussions about how best to seize the opportunity to reform the police. The New York University Review of Law and Social Change will be hosting a gathering to continue these discussions. You are invited to join this two day gathering, which features a stellar lineup of scholars, advocates, and activists. The panels will take place in the early evening and include:

Day 1

Defund Means Defund:Panelists will contextualize the current moment, discuss the divide between reformist and abolitionist strategies, and lay out a vision for the future of the movements to defund and abolish the police.

Abolishing Police Across Intersecting Systems: This panel will highlight examples of how policing and criminalization show up in major institutions and industries as varied as technology, education, immigration enforcement, and sex work, and strategies organizers are using to remove police from these systems and spaces.

Day 2

Communities Without Police--We Keep Our Communities Safe:Panelists will share concrete examples of abolitionist strategies for community safety and discuss their vision for community safety systems that do not rely on policing. 

Defunding the Police in Practice:Organizers waging campaigns to defund the police in cities across the U.S. will reflect on different strategies and tactics to defund the police, what barriers they have faced, and what strategies have proved most effective.

You can RSVP at the colloquium's webpage here.

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