Wednesday, July 22, 2020

"Trump vs. Puerto Rico: Bigotry in action" - by Professors Ediberto Román and Ernesto Sagás

Professors Ediberto Román (Florida International University School of Law) and Ernesto Sagás (Colorado State University) recently published an op-ed entitled "Trump vs. Puerto Rico: Bigotry in action" in the NY Daily News.  They critique Trump's desire to sell Puerto Rico, noting that his " antiquated mindset is one in which white Americans rule supreme but are unfortunately burdened with non-white minorities."  They further assert that Trump "repeatedly reminds his base using both overt racist baseless assertions and equally despicable dog-whistle calls. In the case of Puerto Rico, not surprisingly, Trump — always the crass real estate magnate — seriously considered getting rid of the problematic colonial “asset,” just like he sold his failing business ventures: racism meets vulture capitalism."

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