Monday, May 11, 2020

BOOK: Environmental Justice: Law, Policy and Regulation (3rd edition)

In this project with Cliff Villa (New Mexico Law), Rebecca Bratspies (CUNY Law), and Roger Lin (Berkeley), I worked to update the original work by Clifford Rechtschaffen, Eileen Gaua, and Catherine O’Neill.  Professors teaching in this field can request a complimentary copy here. You can also request your library to order a copy. Available on Amazon as well. 

Environmental Justice: Law, Policy, and Regulation explores theory and practice in this dynamic subject, which fuses environmental law and civil rights enforcement. From early concerns over toxic waste in minority communities, environmental justice expanded to consider the range of environmental threats facing poor, immigrant, and indigenous communities; women, children, and seniors; and other vulnerable populations. This third edition provides extensively updated materials to address environmental justice concerns today, including oil drilling in the Arctic, the Dakota Access Pipeline, drinking water contamination in Flint, and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Featuring new chapters addressing disaster justice and food justice, this new edition also expands coverage of environmental enforcement, contaminated sites, climate justice, and environmental justice in Indian country, all with an eye towards identifying modern challenges and available tools for the continuing pursuit of environmental justice.


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