Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New Casebook - Business Organizations: An Integrated Approach by Professor Lisa M. Fairfax

Congratulations to Professor Lisa M. Fairfax (George Washington University) on her new casebook Business Organizations: An Integrated Approach (Doctrine and Practice Series). It covers traditional corporate law doctrine and cases and thus will be familiar to corporate law professors, but also uses a variety of techniques to ensure that students are able to understand and learn complex topics in a sophisticated but accessible manner.  These techniques include:

  • outlining core concepts at the beginning of each chapter
  • reinforcing core ideas at the conclusion of each chapter
  • presenting short questions before and after the cases to focus on key issues
  • using different visuals for text books and statutes
  • using problems that contain familiar and relatable factual scenarios throughout the book
  • providing quick self-assessments and online multiple choice assessments
  • highlighting key business concepts the first time they appear in cases to put those concepts in context

Fairfax's Business Organizations: An Integrated Approach (Doctrine and Practice Series)

Business Organizations: An Integrated Approach also provides students with opportunities throughout the book to see how the law works in practice, through short drafting exercises and statutory analysis. Business Organizations: An Integrated Approach includes a Teacher's Manual with detailed instructions about how best to use the various techniques and problems in the book and otherwise how best to present materials to students.

Business Organizations: An Integrated Approach also seeks to integrate issues related to social responsibility, sustainability, corporate purpose, and shareholder rights throughout the book.  It does so by discussing these themes at the outset and then using problems, questions and text boxes to demonstrate the ways in which these themes arise, and may have an impact on, in different cases and business law contexts.  

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