Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump's Immigrant Ban Part of a Long, Sad Tradition

For all of his anti-establishment rhetoric, President Trump’s stance toward immigrants and Muslims is more of the same. Orientalism and Manifest Destiny have long animated American foreign policy and domestic treatment of its racial and religious minorities.  

Trump’s executive orders on Friday, effectively barring immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries, harks back to an era when holy wars were the currency for mass mobilization by the ruler. 

In the eleventh century, for example, Pope Urban II called on his people to defend the Byzantine Empire from encroaching Muslim armies. What became known as the First Crusade in European history books solidified the image of Muslims as fanatical followers of a false religion and a threat to Christendom. Medieval romances and legends of battles between Christian and Muslim warriors nurtured the perception of a dangerous and violent Islam. 

Over time, the stereotype of the Muslim savage animated the West’s domination, restructuring, and deculturalization of the Middle East. 

British colonists brought with them Orientalism, which coupled with the ideology of Manifest Destiny, was used to justify the conversion or termination of Native Americans, enslavement of Africans, and exploitation of the Chinese. As nonwhite and non-Christian, these groups were deemed biologically inferior.  As such, it was the white man’s burden to teach, civilize, and save them from their savage nature.

-- This is an excerpt of an op-ed I published on FoxNews available here


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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

American Universities Respond to Trump's Executive Order (aka "the Muslim Ban")

Below is a non-exhaustive list of links to formal statements by various American universities pertaining to Trump's Executive Order (also known as "the Muslim Ban") targeting immigrants and nonimmigrants from 7 Muslim-majority countries (Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen).   


Association of American Universities  - 


Association of Public and Land Grant Universities -


Auburn (President & Provost) -


Brown (Provost) -


California State University (Chancellor)) -


Catholic University (President) -


Columbia (President) -


Cornell (President) -


Dartmouth (President & Provost) -


Duke (President & Provost) -


Georgetown (President) -


Harvard (President) -


Miami -


Michigan (President) -



Oklahoma (President) -


Penn State (President) -


Pittsburgh (Chancellor) -


Princeton (President)


Texas A&M University (President) -


University of Texas (President) -


University of Pennsylvania (Provost, Vice President, and Vice Presidents) -


University of Massachusetts (Chancellor) -


University of Virginia (Faculty Senate) -


University of California (President and Chancellors) -


University of Georgia (President) -


University of Houston (President) -


University of Arkansas (President) -


University of Connecticut (President & Provost) -

If there are statements not listed above, please send them to



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