Sunday, March 15, 2020

ALPS Conference Cancelled

This just in from Nestor Davison (Fordham):

On behalf of ALPS, and with a heavy heart, I wanted to pass along the message below from Sally, our host in New Orleans.

Please take care, 

Dear ALPS Community,

Undoubtedly all of you have been considering the impacts of COVID-19 on your own communities, both personal and professional.  We want you to know we are also thinking about the impact of COVID-19 on our late May gathering in New Orleans for the annual conference. 

Unfortunately, the spread of COVID-19 pandemic to the New Orleans region, combined with the far reaching travel bans that have been put in place by the United States government, has led Tulane University to cancel all gatherings of more than 50 people for the foreseeable future and move all classes to an online space.  Moreover, we are aware that many institutions worldwide have restricted travel for faculty.  While the ALPS conference in May is still ten weeks away, we cannot say with any certainty whether Tulane will be hosting events of more than 50 people or whether the travel restrictions will have been lifted by late May.  Accordingly, we regretfully must announce that we must cancel the ALPS conference scheduled for May 22-23 at Tulane University in New Orleans

The ALPS Board will work through plans to attempt to have some virtual ALPS meetings in place of the previously-scheduled May 22-23 conference, but those plans are still in the early works.  Similarly, the ALPS Board will consider whether we can reschedule the conference for later this calendar year.  As soon as we have more concrete plans on both of these topics, we will immediately communicate those plans to you.  

As we are forced to cancel the ALPS meeting, Tulane will be refunding the registration fees for those of you who have previously registered and paid for ALPS.  I am currently working on getting these refunds processed, but please understand it will take a few weeks to complete all of the refunds given the breadth of work required to get the entire university moved online.  No doubt many of you are helping on these same initiatives at your own institutions, so I appreciate your patience as we work through this process. 

We do deeply regret having to cancel the ALPS conference.  Thank you so much for your continued commitment to ALPS and all you are doing to care for your own students and colleagues during this time of uncertainty regarding COVID-19.  Please remember to take care of yourselves. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. 

Sally Brown Richardson

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