Wednesday, December 5, 2018

CFP: SEALS Discussion Group on "Property Beyond Boundaries"

UnknownA basic proposition in property circles is that Property is about conflicts and relationships among people regarding claims to things or land. Property is thought to be static, unchanging, and inflexible, except by certain interests. However, boundaries change. Interests emerge. Claims settle. How property is shaped by interests, claims, and actions beyond its borders has changed over the years. Alongside those changes are shifts in definitions for what it means to be “an owner” or to have a legal “entitlement.” We examine how Property has shifted and continues to shift despite enduring commitments. This discussion group brings together new and experienced voices to explore the nature of property and the lens through which we view it. 

As a discussion group, we welcome works in progress at any stage.   If interested in participating, please contact Caprice Roberts ( or Marc Roark (   The SEALS discussion groups are limited to twelve participants.

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