Monday, June 25, 2018

Tanya Marsh Lanches The Podcast We've All Been Waiting For: DEATH ET. SEQ.

DeathThe one and only Tanya Marsh (Wake Forest) has launched a much-anticipated podcast on the law of all things death-related. 

The title of the podcast is Death, et seq.  The current plan is to have stand alone episodes that examine a particular issue, as well as interviews with interesting people involved in death care. You can visit the website at for links to the episodes, ways to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, and for show notes.

As you may know, Tanya teaches a class at the Wake Forest School of Law each semester called "Funeral and Cemetery Law." She begins the podcast the same way she begins each class--by discussing a series of real life cases.  Her 17 year old son Liam Sherman plays the role of the student in the podcast, sharing his initial impressions (he does a superb job!).  You can find the episode here.
Episode 3 is an interview with Dan Isard, who is a management and financial consultant to the funeral industry. Dan has been advising funeral homes for 25 years, so Tanya talked to him in order to lay the foundation of what the industry is, the challenges it faces, and where it's headed.  You can find the episode here.
Episode 4 is an interview with Caitlin Doughty, a friend of Tanya's who is a licensed funeral director in California. Caitlin is also the NY Times best selling author of two books, and she is the founder of the Death Positive Movement.  You can find the episode here.
Podcast episodes will be posted on a weekly basis. Go download one and listen in today! Great work, Tanya!

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