Sunday, November 20, 2016

Marsh, Way, & Wood Share Forthcoming Property Law Case Study Supplement


Friend of the blog and former editor Tanya Marsh (Wake Forest) recently published a property law supplement with co-authors Heather Way (Texas) and Lucille Wood (Texas). Here's the description:

The book is written by three transactional lawyers/law professors who believe that the backwards-looking approach of studying property law through reported appellate cases is incomplete.  Using the case studies in the book, students are challenged to apply property doctrines prospectively and to think about identifying and addressing client problems in a way that they are not typically challenged to do so during the first year of law school.

The book contains eight case studies that are drawn from our practice, so they are more textured and realistic than artificial hypos.  Each case study highlights the legal doctrines that students will use and clearly sets forth the learning objectives of the chapter.  For example, Chapter 4: The Case of the Heir's Property includes a case that Heather and Lucy handled in Texas - their client lived in a house that he owned as a tenant in common with other members of his family following several generations of title passing through intestacy.  The problem asks students to draw from what they have learned about adverse possession, tenancy in common, and intestate succession.  The case study is divided into multiple parts that each focus on discrete tasks or skills (i.e. determining present ownership of the house, adverse possession analysis, etc.) allowing professors to customize the problem.

A comprehensive teacher's manual is being completed and will be available before the end of the year.  Interested professors can request a comp copy by clicking here. The book will cost $30.

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