Friday, January 15, 2016

Changes at PropertyProf

When Ben Barros asked me to do some guest-blogging on PropertyProf in 2009, I would never have imagined that I'd still be posting here 7 years later.  And I would never have guessed that I'd end up running the site, more or less alone, for 5 years.    

It was a blast from the start.  In the beginning, I thought I was going to post three or four things a week.  I was soon getting up somewhere between 10-15 posts between Monday and Friday, scouring the dark corners of the internet for articles and news stories about property.  

But I took a lot more than I gave.  I've made friendships through the blog.  I've been given a lot of opportunities as a result of the blog.  There are so many smart people out there who know so much more about property than I do; It's been an absolute pleasure interacting with so many of you.  I feel very lucky.

However, what started as a grand adventure has turned into something of a burden.  Maybe it's that I've now got little kids who demand a lot of time and energy.  Maybe it's that I've got other projects I want to do.  Maybe I've just got too much interesting stuff on my DVR.  Whatever the reasons, a few months ago I cut back on my posting, going from 5 days a week to 3.  I found that I liked having that extra time in the evening and not worrying about the blog so much. 

And so I've decided to bring in some new talent to share the burden (and hopefully take over the site one day).  Starting next week, a group of remarkable scholars who will start posting here.  I'm going to stick around for bit through the transition, so you can expect a few more maps and SSRN posts.  If everything goes as planned, the feel of the blog really won't change much. You'll just get more and better posts than what I've managed to put up over the last few months.  Here's the group of all-stars:

Zack Bray (Houston): Zack has some long-term projects to finish-up this spring but will be coming on board in March or April.  Zach writes about property, land use, and natural resources issues.  He's won the University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award.  He knows a lot about horse racing, bourbon, and Texas holdem poker.  His recent works have appeared in the BYU Law Review, the Maryland Law Review, the Utah Law Review, and the Harvard Environmental Law Review.  

Jerrold Long (Idaho):  Jerry grew up in Rexburg, Idaho.  He is an avid cyclist and outdoorsman and has the best beard in the legal academy.  He also has a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and writes elegantly about property and land uses issues in the Mountain West.  Currently, Jerry is spearheading the University of Idaho's innovative Natural Resources and Environmental Law Field Course and writing a book about the history of Western Lands. 

Chris Odinet (Southern):  Chris is the foremost professor of Real Estate Transactions in his age cohort.  He's currently wrapping up a two-year fellowship with the American Bar Association’s Section on Real Property, Trust and Estate Law.  His articles have recently appeared in the Washington and Lee Law Review, the Cincinnati Law Review, the Washington University Law Review Commentaries, and the Banking Law Journal.  In addition to property stuff, Chris is also well-versed in commercial law issues.   He is also the person I ask for restaurant recommendations whenever I go to a property conference.

Sally Richardson (Tulane):  Sally is one of the most-cited property law professors under the age of 40.  She's also the biggest LSU Tigers fan I've ever met. Her work touches on both civil and common law, with a particular focus on the balance between an individual's right of ownership and society's desire to use real property efficiently.  She's already the author of a textbook (on community property) and her scholarship has appeared in the Tennessee Law Review, the Houston Law Review, and the American Journal of Comparative Law.

This is an incredible crew and I hope you'll stick around to see where things go.

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