Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ten Reasons You Should Register for ALPS 2016


1.  The Association for Law, Property and Society (ALPS) hosts the world's best annual property conference.  The audience is friendly, the papers cover a great range of subjects, and the conference if full of fun people. 

2.  This year the conference is in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

3.  Belfast is awesome.  They even film Game of Thrones there.

4.  You can get to Belfast from New York in six hours. 

5.  The panels will all take place at Queen's College.  Queen's College is beautifulAnd historic.

6.  This year's host is professor Robin Hickey.  Robin is the world's leading expert on Armory v Delamirie (and the law of finders more generally).  If you have a question about finders, chimney sweeps, or jewels - he will answer them.  

7.  This almost goes without saying

8.  You could go surfing.

9.  I'll be presenting a paper, tentatively titled "Paintings, Prostitutes, and Popes: Some Thoughts on the Commodification of Sacred Goods."  It's going to be awesome.

10.  Registration is easy.  You should do it now.

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