Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Drones: Coming to a Homeowners Association Near You


So says Benny Kass:

It is actually mind-boggling to speculate on everything that a drone can do in a community association. First, security. A low-flying drone with a camera can spot trespassers and the information automatically relayed to the police.

Inspection of buildings, especially high-rise condos in congested urban areas. Often the condo board needs to know the condition of the roof, for example, which requires expensive ladders or scaffolding to access. The drone can inspect with the camera quickly and much less expensively.

While Nodiff’s fictional board president was a little too aggressive when it aimed the drone’s camera into a window in a private house, careful use of the drone would allow complete inspections of the entire community. Especially in large communities, the cost saving could be considerable.

And if you are planning to buy or sell any property, real estate agents are anxious to have the right to use drones to market their products. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently cautioned its members “that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for real estate marketing is currently prohibited by the Federal Aviation Administration. Such prohibited use of unmanned aerial vehicles may lead to the assessment of substantial fines and penalties.”

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