Friday, December 13, 2013

The $30 Property Textbook

Steven Semeraro (Thomas Jefferson) has a new property casebook that's just hit the market.  The book, entitled "An Introduction to Property Law in the United States" is heavily problem-oriented.  According to the publisher, it "uses cases selectively to illustrate examples of insightful analysis, creative lawyering, and tricks of the trade, rather than as a means merely to present rules of law and show their application. In general, the book relies on a regular series of problems (both essay and multiple choice) to teach application."

Of particular interest in these difficult economic times, is the publisher's "pay-what-you-like" policy. Semaphore offers the text as download for a suggested retail price of just $30. Students may, however, pay any amount that they wish, including downloading the book for free.

If you want more information, here's the link.

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