Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miller on Land Use and Climate Change

Stephen-miller-profileStephen Miller (Idaho) has posted  Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow: A Land Use Response to Climate Change (Book Chapter) on SSRN.  Here's the abstract:

This book chapter seeks to identify ways in which urban land use is a driver of climate change in both the developed and developing worlds. Urban land use factors identified as substantially affecting climate change include: rapid population growth; rapid urbanization; population migrations resulting from both economic and environmental causes; and declining urban density. The chapter then narrows its focus to evaluate the effectiveness of six U.S. land use law tools for both mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Tools evaluated include: compact cities as a mitigation strategy; compact cities as an adaptation strategy; efficient infrastructure and buildings; greening population migration; social resiliency; and engaging creative land use governance and financing structure.

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