Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Faceoff in Dallas


Interesting conflict in Dallas between the Nasher Sculpture Center and a brand new, $200 million, 42-story residential condo tower which reflects some serious glare on the center.  Museum officials report that the garden has had to be resodded twice because of the heat of the glare, trees have been burned, and the galleries have been compromised.  Evil greedy developer versus a museum?  Except that the Museum Tower was built and is owned by the Dallas Police and Fire pension fund.

The conflict between the tower and the museum would be a fun ripped-from-the-headlines hypo to allow property students to discuss the balance between private property rights, nuisance, etc.

For more info, there is a story in the New York Times today, and a number of stories in the Dallas Morning News, including one on July 27th

Tanya Marsh

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