Monday, July 30, 2012

July in Vienna

I just returned from spending July in Vienna, teaching a course on the Financial Crisis in the United States and Europe to a class of 10 -- 4 from Wake Forest Law, 1 from SMU Law, and 5 from the University of Vienna law program.  Really incredible experience. 

Teaching American and European students about the financial crisis while the crisis in the EuroZone continues to unfold was a fascinating experience. 

From a property scholar's perspective, Vienna is an amazingly inspirational city.  1000+ years of history.  The former capital of a multi-national empire, attacked and partially destroyed numerous times over the centuries.  The Baroque architecture makes the city look like a wedding cake.  Incredible public spaces -- parks, wide boulevards, performance spaces, museums and palaces.  A city with a strong and well-functioning public transportation system, plus dedicated bikepaths and walking paths literally everywhere.  Churchs, and cemetries, and catacombs galore. 

I can post more about the class if anyone is interested.  I will definitely post more about the property topics that Vienna constantly inspired me to think about.

Tanya Marsh

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