Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who Gets Mom's Digital Possessions?

Amanda Katz of NPR examines what happens to our books when we die.  She also gives some thought to how the rise of e-readers could shape bequests:

Still, as far as posterity goes, the e-book system has some genuine superiorities over the old economy. Annotations exist in the cloud, so if your house burns down they are preserved. Your marginalia is accessible to more than just someone who holds the volume itself — biographers of the future will surely appreciate not having to count on a generous widow bequeathing them their subject's reading copy. With e-books, there's no need to fight over a single physical library copy; no trees need be cut down; unsold books need not be pulped; you don't need to lug books from apartment to apartment; pages will never be dotted with mildew.

Steve Clowney


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