Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thanks to Thomas Gibbons

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to thank Thomas Gibbons for his recent blogging stint.  His posts were insightful & informative, and we hope he'll join us again sometime soon.  Reading about Thomas' take on New Zealand shows once more that U.S. property law would benefit from more cross-cultural explorations.

Steve Clowney


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Thanks Steve for the opportunity to guest blog.

I expect many jurisdictions would benefit from more cross-cultural exploration. As a sign-off from blogging:

My recent "Property Rights in Resource Consents: Some Thoughts from Law & Economics" (2012) New Zealand Universities Law Review illustrates both the "constitutional specificity" of takings provisions, and how this phenomenon can affect the regulation of land use; and the narrower spread of "law and economics" ideas in some parts of the world.

An earlier article "Body Corporate Rules: Tensions", on body corporate rules in unit title developments (or homeowner association rules in common interest communities, to use different terminology), has also just been cited by the New Zealand Court of Appeal. I once described this article as hopelessly theoretical, but there you go - sometimes the vaguely theoretical is useful to judges.

And I was at the NZ Law Society Property Law Conference on Monday, talking about a range of unit title topics, including management rights - an area where New Zealand can't make up its mind whether to follow Australia (and if so, which state?) or not.

All the best.

Posted by: Thomas Gibbons NZ | Jun 19, 2012 4:43:01 PM

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