Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hoosier Roundabouts


Much media attention is being paid to the roundabouts of Carmel, Indiana.  With a whopping 70, Carmel is apparently the roundabout capital of America.  The above clip is from Anderson Cooper's show in May 2011 (by the way, Anderson mis-pronounces the name of the city, but the reporter gets it right) and today, The Economist (!) has an article on the same topic.  I lived a mile south of Carmel for most of my life and have experienced the roundabouts firsthand.  It is a much more pleasant experience driving east/west on 96th Street (which is in Carmel and has roundabouts) than driving the parallel east/west path ten blocks south on 86th Street (which is Indianapolis and doesn't). 

Perhaps one reason that the roundabouts work in Carmel is that the typical Hoosier driver is pretty polite.  When four cars all stop at a four-way stop at the same time, usually everyone waves everyone else on.  I have lived in other parts of the United States (which shall remain nameless) where all four drivers in the same situation would gun their engines simultaneously.  

Tanya Marsh


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