Monday, September 26, 2011

Self-Sustaining Cities?

Farming There are a lot of articles popping up about urban farming (see here, here, and here).  Proponents of the practice claim that converting vacant lots into productive agricultural land can provide local jobs, create healthier communities, and make cities more self-sustainable.  But why should we care if cities can provide for themselves?  Are we worried about the Huns attacking?  Shouldn't cities specialize in stuff where they have a comparative advantage? 


Steve Clowney

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We're not worried about the Huns; we're noticing that some cities tend to have (a) a lot of unused open space and (b) a lack of reliable sources of fresh food for some inner city residents. Urban farming is a way to make productive use of land that otherwise would be sitting vacant. Also it provides a way to foster a sense of community, through community gardening. It can be part of green infrastructure for stormwater control, it can be part of green roofs for energy efficiency. So there are lots of reasons to encourage urban farming.

Posted by: Catherine LaCroix | Sep 27, 2011 7:39:34 AM

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