Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Biblical NIMBY


Johan Huibers, a successful construction magnate in the Netherlands, has spent the last few years building a replica of Noah's Ark.  Unlike Noah, Mr. Huibers has run into all kinds of trouble with the Dutch fire code and a handful of complaining neighbors:

Mr. Huibers had to conform to Dutch fire safety standards. To do so, he installed a special anchor that qualifies the 2,970-ton ark as a building, rather than a vessel. Moreover, he will have to paint the ark, inside and out, with three coats of fire-retardant varnish. (Noah covered his ark with pitch, making it waterproof but hardly fire retardant.)

And then there are the neighbors.

“The ship takes away our view,” complained Gerrit Kruythoff, 65, who has lived with his wife and family for 42 years in the trim brick row house next to the disused shipyard where Mr. Huibers is toiling, with the help of two of his three children and a handful of friends.

Steve Clowney

(image pulled from www.thefunctionality.com with creative commons search)


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