Thursday, February 24, 2011


A question has popped up that I don't know how to answer;  What are the leading multi-volume real property law treatises? 

Where do you property profs and practicioners turn when you need clarification on the law? 

Steve Clowney

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I still look to Powell's. An oldie but a goodie, no?

Posted by: Jessica Owley | Feb 24, 2011 4:41:13 PM

When I was practicing, the only multi-volume treatise I ever used was Friedman on Leases, which is edited by Patrick Randolph. I am interested in other answers to this question as well, because I tend to use a variety of single-volume hornbooks, etc. now, but not any single multi-volume resource.

Posted by: Tanya Marsh | Feb 24, 2011 4:57:29 PM

When I started teaching property in the late 1970s, I relied heavily on The American Law of Property (5 volumes, I think) published in the early 1950s by the leading property scholars of the day.
It's too dated to be useful for many questions, but for basic issues I think those new to the course would find it helpful.

Posted by: Tom Roberts | Feb 25, 2011 9:15:48 AM

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