Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 10 Greatest Landscape Paintings of All Time

If you need a touch of inspiration, here are the 10 most beautiful, most amazing, most inspiring pictures of Blackacre ever put down on canvass:

10.  Ivan Shiskin, A Rye Field

9.  Milton Avery, Green Sea

8. Albert Bierstadt, The Rocky Mountain, Lander's Peak

7.  Emil Nolde, Lake Lucerne

6. Winslow Homer, Northeaster

5. Vincent Van Gogh, Wheat Field with Cypresses

4.  Andrew Wyeth, Pennsylvania Landscape

3.  J.M.W. Turner, Snow Storm (Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps)

2.  Edwin Church, Heart of the Andes

1.  Claude Monet, Water Lilies (The Clouds)


Steve Clowney

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Painting were produced in China in the early centuries AD, but are not thought to have appeared in Western art until the Middle Ages, when they were incorporated as background elements in illuminated manuscripts and paintings.

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