Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drexel Symposium on Business Improvement Districts

Over at the Faculty Lounge, Dan Filler announces the publication of a symposium that will be of interest to many property profs.  He writes:

I'm very proud to say that the Drexel Law Review has published a particularly interesting and in depth symposium, Business Improvement Districts and the Evolution of Urban Governance.  The symposium, which was held here at Drexel last year, includes commentary from several major players in the field: Richard Briffault (Columbia), Nicole Stelle Garnett (Notre Dame), Gerry Frug (Harvard), and Richard Schragger (Virginia).  It also features sixteen case studies of different Philadelphia BIDS. 

I'm particularly pleased with this symposium because it weaves together the macro perspective of these national scholars with a micro study of one city.  This, it seems to me, is a project that offers long-term value to both scholars and policy makers.

Steve Clowney


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