Friday, September 3, 2010

A toast to labor day

In honor of the long weekend, it's time to think about alcohol. Sometime last year PropertyProf's put out a call for the best name for a property-themed cocktail.  The University of Detroit Mercy's Julia Belian came up with the glorious "Fee Simple Absolut," which still makes me laugh.  Good news for Prof Belian and other budding mixologists.  According to a recent post on the Atlantic's website, there's a movement among bartenders to push for intellectual property over their work.  Eben Freeman, a noted cocktail innovator, complains:

"In no other creative business can you so easily identify money attached to your creative property," Freeman went on. "There is an implied commerce to our intellectual property. Yet we have less protection than anyone else."

(Freeman, of course, seems to ignore entire industries, like fashion.)  Another fun property-ish example from the budding field of Law & Liquor: Gosling's, the maker of Black Seal Rum, has trademarked the Dark 'N Stormy cocktail.  According the the U.S. patent office, a Dark 'N Stormy is two ounces of Black Seal Rum and "a fizzy hit of ginger beer." 

Happy holidays to you all.

Steve Clowney

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